TLC Trip Record Export. 


IMPORTANT: To be able to view and or modify the trip records you are about to execute, you must make sure the upload process is done on a workstation that has Microsoft Excel. 

  1. To perform the export process, in JLimo go to File > Export > Export TLC Trip Record.

  1. In the “TLC Trip Export” window:

        1. Verify the company name you want to export records for. If you have multiple companies set up in your database you will need to repeat this process for each base you are reporting on. 

        2. Verify the date range you want to export. 

        3. Verify the file location the exports will be saved in. Don’t change system default if one is provided. If the file location is blank press “Browse” to create a new file location.

        4. Verify the TLC base number for the company you are currently trying to export.

        5.  Upload Existing File press this button if the file was previously created. 

  1.  If the base number is incorrect or blank press “Change Base No”. 

  2.  A password is required to change the base number. This password is the same as the secondary password used in your system to access other protected areas, such as user list. (Most Common Password)

  3. You must enter the base number with a capital “B” and five digits with no spaces.

IMPORTANT: Review the list of TLC bases whose cars performed jobs for your company within the date period of the report, and chose only the base you want to report

3. Once done entering, reviewing all the information and press "Create File". 

4. A progress window will pop up. Wait till it is complete.

5. When the process is complete a results window will appear called "Upload TLC Trips”.  

  1. You must first handle the warning messages that appear on the top area of the window. Important: Pay close attention to the warning messages as they indicate specific conditions that need to be corrected such as missing or expired items that are missing from the upload. (We recommend you correct the missing information in your database and start the process from the beginning.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


B.  If you wish to review the list of jobs you are about to send click the “Edit” button. (If you edit the file you must save it without changes to the structure of headers and you must keep the file format with the same name).

C. The area indicated is the name of the file that will be sent to TLC. 

D. Verify hostname. the hostname is the address provided by TLC to upload the files . If you don’t have a hostname you must contact TLC to retrieve one. 

E. Enter the hostname, username and password using the following steps (1 – 4) below: 

Password Protected (Done only one time)

1. Click on "Set Login Fields".

2. A window will appear with 3 fields. 

3. Fill out the 3 text fields with the information provided by TLC.                                                                         The username and password are the same as the ones( provided to you by TLC to access their website for appointments scheduled. If you do not have this information please contact TLC.) 

                        a. Enter User Name. 

                    b.  Enter Password. 

                    c. Enter Host. 

                 4. After all fields are updated click “Save Fields”.

F.  Press this button to complete the affidavit

  1. Click “Get Started,” and you will be taken to the form you must fill out and sign.

  2. Fill in the information required in the 9 Blue Boxes including:

    1. Date

    2. Base Name

    3. Base Address

    4. Base Number

    5. Reporting Period Start Date – (MM/DD/YYYY)

    6. Reporting Period End Date – (MM//DD/YYYY)

    7. Check if you sent us either an accurate Trip Record report, or your base had no dispatched trips during the reporting period

  3. Signature: when you click “Signature,” the following box will appear:

    1. Click on the top tab that says, “Draw” and use your mouse to sign your name

    2. Click “Add”

    3. Click the box that “Full Name” and print your name there

                                             Click “Done” on the upper right corner

G. After all warning messages are cleared, all modifications have been made and saved to the export file and the login credentials are updated, press “SFTP Upload” to send the files to TLC