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Does any other base have errors pop up on their screen when dispatching calls? Because we've been having a lot of issues with errors and glitches and I want to know if this is an isolated issue or universal?
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Hwy the GPS gives a different time 5 or 4 more minutes to a couple drivers?, for instance:to the majority of  drivers in park slope the GPS show them 14 minutes to 86th st & 4th ave but to another driver shows him 19 minutes?this so frustrating because he is not the only one and  is hard to compete with the rest of the drivers, we check his internet connection and the signal was very strong! any suggestions??

That has to do with the GPS location and how it's reading the driver from the address.  I usually press F9 double check that the GPS coordinates of the location the dispatcher entered is indeed the actual location.  In occassions it's not and that has to be corrected by calling Limosys they direct you on to fix certain locations the map is not recognizing.  If that's correct, then I would have the driver with the location issue come to the base and make sure his GPS (google maps) is reading his location correctly.  In A LOT of cases the driver do not update google applications which for android if its not updated it almost always has issues.  Why? I don't know it just does.  In this case I would update their google applications and in some cases it will still read the location incorrectly.  There may be an error or virus, so I will factory reset the device and open it with a new gmail account, not the same one because whatever was causing the issue will automaticallyu re-download.  So start fresh.  This 99% of time fixes the issue.  In the case that it doesn't it might be a data issue which I would then send them to their carrier.  Limosys does not service this part.  The most they will do is direct you on how to fix map locations from the program.  Hope this is helpful.  Good Luck!

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